Midge O’Brien


   Midge O'Brien was a friend and client of mine that I met through Hospice of the Bluegrass in June of 2008. In 1988, Midge was diagnosed with breast cancer. She refused traditional treatment and would rarely utter the word "cancer". She called it her "irreverent cells".  

     In Jin Shin Jyutsu, Mary Burmeister said "There are no problems, just projects." Together, Midge and I worked on her project weekly, sometimes daily. She told me that the Jin Shin Jyutsu helped her manage her pain, anxiety, and to come to terms with events along her life journey. Sometimes it would leave her in a blissful state in which she would tell me that she had no fear of where she would be going since she had seen it during our sessions. Midge felt strongly that her 10 year+ journey was done with a purpose; to raise the consciousness of those around her.



My Irreverent Cells - by Courtney Hergesheimer